Carole Beadle

9'x 5' x 5'
crochet, electronic wire

installation view

3' x 3' x 1'
compressed aluminum wire,
cable, paint, charcoal

  BFA, Syracuse, NY
  MFA, (Textile Arts) California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA
  Scandinavian Seminar for Cultural Studies, Sweden
  Artist in Residence, Plaisance, France
  Fulbright Study Grant, Oslo, Norway
  Lecture/Artist-in-Residence, State Grant, Taos, NM

1994 Professor, California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA
1949 "La Lumiere", exhibit, Chateau De Coupiac, France
Fine Arts Award, Kyoto International Textile Fair, Kyoto, Japan
Sincol Award, "In Our Hands", Nagoya, Japan

The personal environment reflects the global environment. My work is an interpretation of an order that mirrors the moments in an on going process---the fragility of life and love. Attention shifts within fragile forms assuming responses to both psychological and surrounding pressures.

I am acknowledging aspects of my life and family, the aspirations as well as the misfortunes. As social beings we participate in many varied groups, but the family has one of the most powerful influences. How we observe the interactions, participate and survive this experience is in the shadows of all these individuals. My work is about exposing and cherishing what composes our lives, in sharing the weaknesses and strengths.

Translucency allows us to see by revealing the space and imagery within the depth of the form. As a response to the physical properties of the natural materials, process and form evolve aiding the observer in identifying emotional references within the forms.

It is exciting what is happening within the field today that is called "fiber". We identify it by its materials, yet these are not necessarily the materials that these artists utilize. Some of us identify it by the techniques that are common to the field, but this is not strictly adhered to either. There is also a fiber sensibility that most fiber artists connect to feelings and concepts in their artwork. So what is it? It is an area of fine art where many artists today explore the medium, techniques and sensibilities, and they are sculptors, painters, photographers, printmakers, etc. It is not exclusive to the fiber artist.

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