Joyce Hulbert

India ink on canvas, stones and cording
60" x 40" x 3"

Ink on cotton, wood objects
48" x 32" x 6"


2003 Seminar in Historic Textile Structures, Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
1996 Seminar in Textile Conservation, ICCROM Institute, Rome, IT
1992 Seminar in Conservation of Textiles, Mills College, Oakland, CA
1989 Assistantship, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, ME
1983 Apprenticeship, Scheuer Tapestry Studio, New York, NY
1980 BS in Textile Technology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Professional Experience
Proprietor, Joyce Hulbert Tapestry and Textile Restoration, Berkeley, CA
2004 Organizing Committee Member and Lecturer, Textile Society of America biannual conference, Oakland, CA
  Lecturer, Institute of Andean Studies Annual Meeting, Berkeley, CA
2003 Lecturer, Institute of Andean Studies Annual Meeting, Berkeley, CA

Selected Exhibitions
2005  Nexus Gallery, TWW 20 th Anniversary Exhibition, Berkeley, CA
Nordnorsk Kunstnersentrum, Svolvaer, Norway: AntiWar Medals
Electrum Gallery, London, UK: AntiWar Medals
Fedderly Gallery, Vallejo Arts Foundation, Vallejo, CA
Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA
2003 Velvet da Vinci, AntiWar Medals, San Francisco, CA
Far Leaves Tea House, Berkeley, CA
2002 AVC Contemporary Arts Gallery, New York City, NY
Vallejo Movement Center, "Realms of the Spirit", Vallejo, CA
2001 Fine Line Arts Center, "Movements in Tapestry", IL
  Yeiser Art Center, "Fantastic Fibers", Paducah, KY
Zen Hospice San Francisco, "Current Work", San Francisco, CA

I enter my art from a place of distillation. It is not so much my observations of the world outside, but rather how that world informs, transforms, and effects my "self", my inner world, that becomes the true source of my work. The visions of the deeply personal will, I believe, exhibit the widely universal.

I am developing two bodies of work concurrently that differ primarily in process. Pictorial tapestry is about mastery, narrative, and technique, and is the vehicle I employ to portray subject matter of life-changing and mythic proportion. Collage offers to me the opportunity of more spontaneity of process, and thus is appropriate for more intuitive and visceral responses to the world. All of my work explores the metaphoric and symbolic meanings of textiles, the body, and objects of nature.

The tapestry grows from a life process of writing, drawing, dyeing, and weaving, and usually involves several years' commitment to create the final piece, woven from wool, silk, and metal thread. Connection with this ancient process of weaving adds content and context to the work. In the collage there is much layering of materials. This is emblematic of the many layers of perception we bring to our way of knowing - conscious and sub-conscious, felt or seen. A transparent veil of silk is often incorporated, the veil between the visible and inner or other worlds. On this veil words form or objects stand suspended, in the moment before we look within and see the further workings beyond or within us.

Joyce Hulbert has been exhibiting in national and international exhibitions for the past 14 years, and her art and articles published in numerous books, catalogs, and magazines. She is also the owner of Joyce Hulbert Tapestry and Textile Restoration offering restoration, conservation, and mounting of ancient, antique, and contemporary textile art.

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