Soonran Youn

15" x 15" x 15" each box
$10,400 ($1600 for a single box with a figure inside,
$800 for the empty box).

32" X 9" X 7"

46" x 12" x 15"
fiber sculpture, cotton

1999 M,F,A. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
1994 M.F.A. Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, Korea
1989 B.F.A. Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, Korea

Recent Exhibitions
2002 Bridges: National Japanese Historical American Society, San Francisco, CA
Fiber Survey 2002, Snyderman/ Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
SOFA New York 2002, New York, NY
SOFA Chicago 2002, Chicago, IL
Arline Fisch: Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2001 SOFA Chicago 2001, Snyderman Works Gallery, Chicago, IL
Solo Show, Stix Friedman Gallery, St. Louis , Missouri
Woven Constructions, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri
SOFA New York 2001. New York, NY
All Media Group Show, Snyderman/ Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2000 Go Figure, Lew Allene Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa FE, New Mexico
Head Shots, Connell Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
SOFA Chicago 2000, Chicago, IL

The title 'Island' implies the human body as isolated self-containment. I see a human as being an isle locked in and eventually swallowed by the mysterious ocean, It captures me with enchanting terror to face the cold apathy and grotesqueness of this world ruled by illogically accidental happenings. As being a particle in the infinity, it seems unbearably painful and even empty to think of the human desire to be oneself, that is, to be an individual divided from others. One can protect self from hiding in an isolated cell as a neutral zone. It means placing a distance in between self and the world, and becoming happy in egoistic shelter. If one sets self up in the world and searches for the truth of being, s/he cannot avoid but falling in a magnetic swirl. That causes tremendous pain , confusion, and fear. In fact, persuading the ideal or absoluteness requires complete departing form oneself and all humanistic realism. In ultimate view, life is tragic.

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